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Hey! Even if the light is not green, start a trade and i will get notification on my mobile!

This is the FASTEST and EASIEST method of selling Bitcoin.

Please read everything prior to requesting a trade. By initiating a trade, you thereby accept all terms and conditions stated in this ad. No exceptions will be made for anyone.

====== Instructions ======

When you start a trade, please share :

1. the email you use normally to receive Interac® eTransfer™

2. your first and last name linked to the Bank Account Where you will receive the eTransfer

Usually it takes up to 30 min until you will get an email with e-Transfer information. Please release Bitcoins as soon as you get the money.

====== Disclaimer & Purchase Agreement ======

By selling these Bitcoins, Seller (you) hereby agrees are not proceeds of crime and are not acquired by any illegal activities.Seller hereby acknowledges that by initiating a trade, seller has read and accepts all terms and conditions presented in this advert.


Offer Details

  •  Price Per Bitcoin: $82,352.16
  •  Minimum: $50.00
  •  Maximum: $4,995.00
  •  Currency: CAD
  •  Payment Method: Other Payment Method
  •  Time Limit: 180 Minutes

About The Trader

  •  Username: BitcoinGirl
  •  Feedback: (275 trades, 100% rating)
  •  Registered: 3 years ago
  •  Last Online:

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