Sell Bitcoin for PayPal to smartchoice

Offer Instructons

Payment is sent as goods/services on Paypal. You will be responsible for any fees on your side.

As soon as the money reaches your Paypal account please release the bitcoins to complete this trade.

I will not purchase items (eg hosting, accounts, etc) on your behalf with Paypal. i will only send to your Paypal account.

Offer Details

  •  Price Per Bitcoin: $39,112.37
  •  Minimum: $1.00
  •  Maximum: $300.00
  •  Currency: USD
  •  Payment Method: PayPal
  •  Time Limit: 56 Minutes

About The Trader

  •  Username: smartchoice
  •  Feedback: (8844 trades, 100% rating)
  •  Registered: 2 years ago
  •  Last Online:

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